Giving Back- Fan site sending kids from Orlando to SU bowl game

Some "new" Orange fans in Orlando will have a chance to watch Eric Dungey's final college game in person thanks to the fan site (File Photo/Niko Tamurian)

Syracuse Athletics fans know and love the famous site (also known as Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician).

They know it for hot takes fans love and an unapologetic love of the Orange and distaste for its rivals.

What they should be known for just as much, if not more, is their generosity.

From site founder Sean Keeley to current Managing Editor John Cassillo and the entire staff, NunesMagician is using its creativity for some real solid goodness this holiday season.

The site set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to send under-privileged kids from Orlando to the Camping World Bowl on December 28

It's called CuseTix4Kids, (follow that link to donate) and the initial goal is to raise $14,444.

“We run the site because of this fanbase and the passion they have for Orange sports and the things they like to do with that passion" Cassillo says

"You know it’s not just about watching the games it’s about doing some good for people at the same time."

That money will buy the kids tickets, food at the game and even pay for Orange shirts. The staff arranged a deal with SU Athletics that the seats purchased will be part of SU's allotment so they can sit with die-hard Orange fans that made the trip to Orlando.

The site is still working to find the right group in Orlando to work with, but if its anything like the 2013 effort that sent so many kids to the Texas Bowl.

The donations have been pouring in with more than $5,000 after one day and almost $9,000 after two days, certainly plenty to make so many kids enjoy a day they'll never forget.

Indeed, Nunes Magician is making each of the Orange's last two bowl bids something that is just so unique and special.

Cassillo hopes this is just the beginning.

“If SU’s gonna make a bowl game every year it’s something we can do every year. It can become a little bit of a Syracuse fan tradition to give back to folks we don’t know and folks whose lives we can improve for even an afternoon."

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