Moment they've been waiting for all their lives: Boeheim vs. Boeheim in college hoops

Niko Tamurian and Buddy Boeheim sit down Friday ahead of Syracuse Basketball's game with Cornell (Joe Clavelli)

CNY Central was the only Syracuse Television Station to sit down with Buddy Boeheim for a one-on-one interview ahead of the most exciting game of his young career.

And that's a career that already includes two games at Madison Square Garden and a road win against Ohio State

Buddy, coached by his Hall-of-Fame father Jim for the Syracuse Orange is set to take on Cornell. The Big Red features Jim's oldest son Jimmy in the lineup.

A moment the brothers have imagined their entire lives.

On Friday, the day before the game, I sat down with Buddy to chat about his feelings ahead of the exciting game.

"To the Garden, going to the six overtime game, growing up and stepping on the court is something I couldn't even put in words. Definitely been looking forward to it and now that it's finally coming and playing him (Jimmy) tomorrow is something that I'll look back on throughout the years of growing up with him and all the time we've had together and how far we've came as players and people. Now we get to square off against each other tomorrow night at the Dome which is just it kind of comes full circle" says Buddy Boeheim.

"I'll play against two of my family members so it's going to be really exciting and I'm going to try to go out there and play my game and try to stay as relaxed as possible" says Jimmy, now a sophomore for Cornell.

So far this season, Jimmy averages 12 points and four rebounds per game. Buddy actually started the first two games of his career and is averaging two points and 15 minutes per game.

The moment the duo is on the court at the same time? Almost too surreal to imagine.

Buddy could only help but smile at the thought

"It's just going to be an amazing moment that I really want to last and enjoy it while I'm out there."

Both Buddy and Jimmy when we spoke with them could help but praise their family. Jim and Juli cross all corners of New York State to watch the brothers and their sister Jamie, a freshman star for University of Rochester.

When you consider everything the parents are working with in Syracuse, it's a heartwarming show of love and support.

"It's definitely something I don't take for granted. They're the best parents I could ask for growing up and really shows the support my mom is everywhere with us three. They're definitely the best parents I could ask for and I'm very thankful for everything they've done for us."

Juli, we know, will have a special split Syracuse/Cornell shirt for the festivities.

When Jim sees both of his sons on the floor at the same time? He will be focused on the game, but it's easy to imagine an amazing outpouring of pride when it first catches his eye.

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