Mumps, Underrated, New Goalie- What they were saying at SU Lacrosse Media Day

Syracuse Lacrosse players meet the media on Wednesday (Niko Tamurian)

Syracuse Lacrosse begins its regular season, a February 10th home date with Binghamton, a sure sign that the team is back in full swing after a tumultuous Fall season.

It was no fault of the Orange's that the Fall was so wild, a mumps outbreak on the SU hill cancelled two valuable scrimmages with the Iroquois National Team and the Israeli National Team. Those were cancelled, and Syracuse Fall practice was halted and not complete until December.

In other words, for a young Orange team it will be a little less experienced in that season opener, and its second game of the year hosting #2 Albany.

“Obviously had some challenges coming off the fall with some interrupted practices and not having any scrimmages, so, were looking forward to practicing and knocking heads against somebody different this year. Obviously the flow is a little bit different, we had the interruption and then we were able to get practicing again, and then we had Thanksgiving break, another interruption and then we came back and finished up with our practices so a little different to split it up like that and not be able to go five weeks in a row and not have scrimmages but I think we got a lot done" said Head Coach John Desko

That #2 ranking for Albany is generally the territory Syracuse finds itself in, but this year the Orange checks in at #9.

On the surface, it's a rallying cry, but the team is certainly focused only on the task at hand.

“I try to think about every game at a time, I’m sure everybody says this but I really do because if you start thinking about too much stuff at once, you start getting cluttered and thinking forward too much. Once I start thinking too much in a game or in practice it’s not good for me, so I like to think about everything one day at a time" says senior goalie Dom Madonna from Liverpool.

Another difference is a tweak to the schedule, Desko mentioned he wanted to add more power teams to an already loaded ACC slate to help Syracuse's RPI come tournament time. So, he added Rutgers and Navy.

"I'm hoping what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger by the end of the year" Desko joked

"I think the schedule is going to help us get better all of the competition we have. So, I understand the question but it’s more of a desire to get back out there, I know a lot of these guys came here because they wanted a shot at that, so depending on how we improve throughout the year will determine how we do at the end.”

The first game of the season is February 10th against Binghamton before hosting Albany on February 17th.

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