New this season- Boeheims band together against the ACC

Jim Boeheim (file photo)

It's something the Boeheim family probably thought about since the moment their children were born.

Would Jim one day coach any of his kids at Syracuse.

In a few short months that vision will become reality.

Buddy Boeheim will wear a Syracuse Uniform when the school year begins and in earnest when training camp opens.

I asked Coach Boeheim the emotion of knowing Buddy will be on his team this year.

"It’s good you know I mean it’s shooting he’s a good shooter and he’s another player when it comes to practice and when the game starts."

In other words, as you may expect at this level, Buddy's playing time is wholly dependent on how well he can play in his first year in the ACC

"He produces, he can help us and generally shooters, you can always use a shooter. Sometimes it takes a little time to get used to adjusting in college basketball but he’s a good player. We’ll see, it’ll all work out. The best players play and we’ll see what happens" Boeheim added.

Indeed fans know that, especially when March rolls around, Syracuse draws the ire of fans around the country and now it's the Boeheims (plural) showing college basketball how tough that 2-3 zone can be.

While Boeheim was practical about Buddy's prospects when we spoke Thursday, ESPN announcer Sean McDonough makes a solid point too.

"Well, he better play a lot or else Juli will be ticked, and as we know, she runs the show in the Boeheim household" McDonough said.

It does set up a wild moment in December, when Cornell and Boeheim's eldest son Jimmy come to the Carrier Dome to take on Jim, Buddy and the Orange.

"I mean it will be fun to watch. I thought one of the neat things in the college basketball season last year was when Jimmy, the son, made the shot for Cornell right in front of the bench in his first game. What was it, a minute into the game, not even. So, let’s hope Buddy creates a lot of great memories too" McDonough adds.

We know from last year, Juli still has the right shirt for the matchup.

A Hall of Fame coaching career is about to take a fun and special turn. All of Central New York will be watching throughout Buddy's career in Orange.

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