Out of trials, tribulations and triumph: The story of "On My Team 16"

On My Team 16 helps fight pediatric cancer by lifting spirits and raising money (Courtesy: On My Team 16)

The story of "On My Team 16" has its roots in a harrowing battle.

It was in 2014 that Jack Sheridan, a former CBA student, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Even in the toughest of times in his courageous fight, he knew he would triumph.

So did his older sister, Jordan.

Jordan hatched the idea for "On My Team 16" while Jack was sick. Think about that, her brother is fighting a horrible disease and the Sheridan family is already figuring ways to fight back.

Jordan held off on her idea to focus all of the family's energy on Jack's fight. When he won, with his last treatment in 2017, it was all in for the new charity.

"I had been thinking about it for a while and actually wanted to start it a few months after Jack was diagnosed" Jordan says.

"We've all been through it, Jack certainly the most but we know what the families are going through. All of our family and friends know as well just from supporting us so it's kind of nice to be in their shoes and pay it forward" she adds.

"On My Team 16" in its purest explanation fights pediatric cancer, but to leave it at that is an epic undersell.

The group not only raises money for children's hospitals and raises the spirit of patients it is connecting with prominent athletes to make sure others win like Jack did.

Current connections with "On My Team 16" include, but aren't limited to The Baltimore Ravens, J-D grad and current Atlanta Hawks forward Tyler Cavanaugh, Paschal Chukwu from Syracuse hoops, Scott Blewett with the Kansas City Royals and Riley Dixon of the Denver Broncos.

The idea is to eventually have "On My Team 16" battling pediatric cancer not just in Syracuse but across the nation.

But there's a special connection with Jack and a professional athlete that certainly is heart-warming.

Patrick Corbin, the Cicero-North Syracuse alum that's a starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Corbin welcomed Sheridan to Arizona during his fight to lift spirits.

It's a friendship that live on forever, and help tell the story of "On My Team 16" for years to come.

"The things he's done for us as a family and now Jordan and the charity is unbelievable" Jack Sheridan says.

Eventually, Jordan Sheridan says she'd like to pair up prominent athletes with specific patients in their region.

As she puts it- "I think before Jack's diagnosis we were kind of content with everything. Afterwards, we've learned to live life to the fullest. Definitely Jack being diagnosed and beating cancer has been a blessing in disguise for all of us and all of our family and friends surrounding us"

Certainly, the nightmare of all nightmares was awful for the Sheridan family. But they've turned that nightmare into a dream come true for kids all over the country.

They've provided a light in the fight to finally beat cancer.

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