Senior Salute- Frank Howard reflects on his time in Syracuse

Frank Howard is all smiles reflecting on his time in a Syracuse uniform (Andy Wolf)

It's hard to believe that Frank Howard's time in a Syracuse uniform will be over whenever the 2019 campaign wraps up.

For Syracuse fans, it certainly feels like yesterday that Howard was providing valuable minutes on a thin 2016 team that made it all the way to the Final Four.

Howard says he remembers how that team banded together with its backs against the wall late in the season.

It would help forge him to become the player---and man he is today.

"That’s something I take pride in" Howard told me recently.

Indeed, Howard has overcome adversity on and off the court. As a child, dealing with the loss of his older brother. During his Orange career, Frank has endured "2-3" surgeries.

"Being able to fight through that, adversity, whatever it may be. That’s something I take pride in and I hold my hat on. We just want to continue to play for the community, play hard for them."

To make the Final Four is something that's so difficult, but with the Orange's unique 2-3 zone style is something that's always on the table.

Could Howard bookend his career with magical trips to the national semifinals?

"I don’t want to jinx it, but it would be something that I wouldn’t be able to put into words. It would be special."

It's hard to reflect completely on a career that isn't over yet. Frank though did indulge me on that topic.

Like many Orange fans, he can't believe is career is in its final stages.

"You don’t really understand it until your time’s up, and now that I’m in that stage of my life, it really opened my eyes."

Howard told me that he will glow about this community and program when he tells his children and possibly even grandchildren about his time in a Syracuse uniform.

So I asked him, in speaking to those hypothetical children, how will he describe his Syracuse career.

"Your grandad went up there and left everything he had up there. They tried to count him out, he kept going, overcame things they said he couldn’t, and used this part of his life to really jump-start his new life."


Howard has endured so much, it just seems fitting that there's more to write to his script and story in Central New York.

After all, like he says-

They tried to count him out, and he overcame.

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