Syracuse Football responds to protests during national anthem in NFL

Dino Babers is in his 2nd season leading Syracuse Football (file photo, Niko Tamurian)

The biggest football story of the week hasn't had anything to do with a touchdown or field goal.

It's been about the National Anthem.

The back-and-forth has been well documented between players and coaches kneeling in protest, and those who choose to stand.

The debate has been focused on the professional game.

What about Syracuse Football?

Actually, there's not much of a choice to be made at the collegiate level.

In college, the teams enter the field after the National Anthem is played. This has been the way it's been for years, not because of recent events.

Still, at his press conference on Monday Dino Babers was asked about what's going on with football in the national scene.

"I don't have a reaction to it," Babers said.

"We talk about a lot of things with the team because the team is my second family. And that stuff is just family stuff. What they want to do outside the family is up to them but inside the family we hit a lot of topics and talk about a lot of things. I think we'll keep that stuff in house" Dino added.

Babers' father served in the Navy, his quarterback Eric Dungey knows all about military service as well.

Eric's brother Matt served overseas in the Army.

"I'm not going to say much on that. It's freedom of speech. I'm not going to say much on that. Unfortunately the other stuff that's going on, I personally haven't experienced that, so I don't have much of a basis to talk about it" Dungey says of the National Anthem debate.

So, in the foreseeable future, attention at Syracuse Football games and other collegiate games around the nation will be focused on what happens after the playing of the National Anthem and before the final whistle.

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