Washington Nationals #1 prospect Victor Robles injured playing for Syracuse Chiefs

File Photo of Victor Robles in Spring Training (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Update: The Washington Post reports that Robles had an x-ray with negative results.

The Washington Nationals sent top-prospect Victor Robles to the Syracuse Chiefs so that he could play every day, continue to develop and be in rhythm when he was called back up to the Nats.

That is until the worst case scenario happened.

While sliding for a shallow fly ball in center field in Monday's game at Rochester. As Robles slid, his arm was caught under his body and bent the wrong way.

Robles, just 20 years old, is rated as the #1 prospect in the Nationals system.

Toby Motyka from our sister station in Rochester watched it unfold while covering the Red Wings and says that after some time Robles eventually walked off the field but was clutching his elbow.

Updates will be posted here as this story develops.

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