What did Dino Babers say on ESPN's College Football Live?

Dino Babers addresses the team prior to SU Football's seventh practice from the Hookway Fields Complex in 2016 (File Photo)

While head coach Dino Babers football record at Syracuse is less than favorable after his first season, his ability to hype up his team is impressive.

On October 15. 2016, the Syracuse Orange Football team upset number-17 Virginia Tech at the Dome. What was witnessed in the locker room afterwards fired up players, coaches, and fans.

Today during the College Football Live interview on ESPN 2, Coach Babers gave the public more insight on how he compiles his speeches, along with recapping what was going through his mind at the time of the Virginia Tech speech.

Referring to the post game speech,

"You don't prepare them [speeches]. They come straight from the heart. When it's a special moment like that after a win like that, you're just trying to drop a little carrot, something that they can take with them for life or something maybe they can take to their kids, or maybe someone in their neighborhood, on the road or if they become a coach something later they can reflect on, but it's not prepared it's all straight from the heart."

While some people on ESPN are paid to talk, Babers has the ability to motivate his team on the spot.

"Pre-game is totally different. I try to send a message for whatever that game, what we need to do in that game to win. That's definitely thought out, but not post-game. It straight from the heart."

The Syracuse Orange Football season is upon us with camp starting this Sunday, July 30 which means less than two months for Orange fans to witness more great speeches from Coach Babers.

The season opener is set for September 1, a Friday night matchup at the Carrier Dome against Central Connecticut State.

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