18 Holes of Central New York- #3 Cazenovia Golf Club

Caz Golf Club professional Dennis Colligan gets ready to tree of on the Par 4 3rd Hole

The next stop on the 18 Golf Holes of Central New York Tour takes us east of Syracuse to Cazenovia. Cazenovia Golf Club sits along Route 92, a 9-hole private course, it isn't the longest in yardage, but will challenge any handicap with its fast greens and tight fairways.

"It's got small greens...well-bunkered, lot of sidehill, downhill lies," Cazenovia Golf Club professional Dennis Colligan says. "It's a really fun golf course you never get the same lie or same angle twice...but what I tell a lot of people is that you get a second chance at it."

Colligan says you get a "second chance" because there are two sets of tees on each hole, one set for the Front 9, the other for the Back 9.

We're featuring the 425-yard Par 4 3rd hole. It includes water on the left side that takes about 230 yards to clear, then a lateral hazard on the right. The narrow fairway is lined with trees, leading up to a fast green that tilts from back to front.

Watch the video to see how Dennis Colligan and Tom Eschen both played the hole very differently, but somehow both ended up with pars.

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