BREAKING: New York Mets to purchase Syracuse Chiefs, own and operate team

NBT Bank Stadium, where the Syracuse Chiefs play

The New York Mets will purchase the Syracuse Chiefs, bringing them under their affiliation umbrella.

Sources called us on this early Monday afternoon, the following quote from Senator Chuck Schumer confirms it:

"Let's go Mets and let's go 'Cuse!" said Schumer. "With Syracuse’s rich history and love of baseball, the Mets purchasing the Syracuse Chiefs is a grand slam for the entire community. Soon the world will see just how deep the love of baseball runs in Upstate New York, between Binghamton’s Rumble Ponies and now the Syracuse Chiefs being owned and operated by the Mets, today is truly a bright day for baseball fans far and wide" he adds.

This is a watershed moment in Central New York, Schumer attempted to link the Mets and Chiefs nearly ten years ago before New York opted to have its team in Buffalo.

“ It’s great news for Syracuse and all of upstate new york and it'll help bring a good team, and it’ll help bring good jobs , and bring tourism to Central New York. This is a very important thing and i'm very glad he did it, i've been pushing them to do it for a long time. They wanted the Mets and now the Mets are there, Isn’t that great?” The Senator said.

The move will end nine years of affiliation with the Syracuse Chiefs and Washington Nationals, an agreement that will have its swan song in the 2018 season.

Some fans expressed concern via social media, that with the Mets owning the team that they could move them out of Syracuse.

While that is a possibility with any professional team, I asked Schumer about that potential and what he would say to concerned fans in Central New York.

“When you have a dynamic single owner you can get a lot more done for the team” Schumer said.

An official announcement and press conference will be held Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at NBT Bank Stadium

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