CNY Central Follow-up: Marsh Webster hits new milestone in nearly 80-year hockey career

Syracuse hockey legend Marsh Webster still skates every week, even at 95 years old(Dennis Harmon)

Marsh Webster continues what is simply an amazing hockey career.

Last year, we introduced you to Marsh, who started playing hockey in the 1930's. The now-95 year old is still going strong.

The only interruption in his playing career? His 16-month tour of duty in Europe during World War II.

Even before that deployment, Marsh couldn't stay off the ice. Impressive, really, considering there was only one major rink in Syracuse at that time (The Coliseum at the State Fair) so this meant finding any pond or creek with enough ice to support a game.

All these years later, about 80 years playing in fact, Marsh is still going strong every week with his Syracuse Gray Wolves.

He calls his hockey partners his "support group" helping him continue to play at 95 years young and cope with the loss of his wife four years ago.

In fact, when Marsh turned 95 in November, his teammates stopped the game at intermission to hold a special ceremony for this special man.

Still, not many outside this group were aware of Marsh's amazing feat.

That's when the Syracuse Crunch stepped in.

To celebrate Webster, the hometown hockey team had Marsh on hand to drop the ceremonial first puck in a game with Binghamton.

Moments later, they surprised him with a special jersey.

To see the look on Marsh's face was something his teammates will never forget.

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