Colgate Football's act of kindness delivers rooms, meals to Hurricane Florence victims

Colgate head football coach Dan Hunt orchestrated an act of kindness felt across the Carolinas in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

The fury of Hurricane Florence is being felt from coast to coast, with help on the way from all 50 states across America.

You can add the state of New York to that list as well.

What the Colgate University football program did last week was nothing short of inspirational, lending a helping hand to the victims in need after Hurricane Florence.

Because of Colgate's incredible act of kindness, North and South Carolinians may have a safe place to sleep, and a hot meal awaiting their arrival.

"I really believe that any other team that was put in our situation would've done the same thing," Colgate head football coach Dan Hunt explained. "We saw that Furman [University] was planning on canceling classes, closing the school, canceling all the events which meant the game was going to not be played."

That's when the Colgate football program took to social media, explaining its intentions to give up its hotel rooms for hurricane victims coming inland, while also donating all of its prepaid meals for those very same victims in need.

"Football teams eat quite a bit, so they seem to think, each meal there, they can feed about between 120-150 people," Hunt continued. "So that's really a nice perk to that. We feel really good about that."

Money, it's the backbone to any college football program. Schools like Alabama, USC and Texas seemingly print money. But for schools like Colgate, every dollar counts.

That's precisely why choosing to donate its earnings to aid in the relief of a natural disaster takes generosity to a whole new level.

"It is nice," Hunt added. "It's nice to be a part of a program like this. Again, I'm the head coach so I get all the credit for it, but our athletic director, Nicki Moore, she was right there and right on it. Brad Dunlay, our travel guy, he was right on it. It was a team effort, and like I said before, it didn't take a lot of effort to decide to do the right thing."

When you stop to think about it, it's times like these when the south could use some northern hospitality.

"Up north we can have some hospitality, too," Hunt concluded with a smile. "We have something besides lake effect snow."

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