Conacher Connection- Dream come true for pair of Syracuse Crunch stars

The Conacher brothers, Shane (left) and Cory (right) are on the same pro hockey team with the Syracuse Crunch

Shane and Cory Conacher admit there were a few holes in the wall when they played hockey as kids in the house.

But playing on the same professional team? That seemed like a pipe dream.

Until now.

The Conachers are both on the Syracuse Crunch roster this season, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

"We’ve always, I’ve always said to him imagine, you know kinda kidding, imagine playing together when we are older. And now we actually have the chance to play together. It’s a great experience for us" says Cory

"He texted me before he came down from Tampa saying isn't its weird that it is actually gonna happen?" Shane adds.

"It’s been awesome and we are just going to keep rolling with it and see what happens this year"

Talk about having your brother's back, it all came about when Shane was a free agent this summer, Cory made sure that the Tampa Bay brass was aware, especially Syracuse Crunch General Manager Julien BriseBois.

While Julien made no promises, he eventually signed Shane to a tryout, opening the door.

Shane's play made sure it stayed wide open.

"He took full advantage of it and that is why he is still here. If it wasn’t for his play at camp or his play during the rookie tournament, we wouldn’t be standing side by side" Cory said.

"I may have gotten him the in, but he took full advantage of it and that’s why he is here today" he adds.

They've enjoyed one shift on the ice together, and it was surreal. Though they remained all business.

Off the ice is a different matter, and chatting with the duo is a lot of fun.

"I tell him he can stay over whenever he wants. He likes his alone time in the hotel a little bit too much" Cory, who is 5 years older says.

Shane replies "He had me over for dinner the for the first time the other night and it makes it a lot easier"

"I’m sure he will bring his Xbox over to my place and the wife will enjoy that" Cory joked

Equally as rewarding is how the Conacher parents and extended family can all make the trip to watch the brothers. They are just a three hour drive away in Ontario, making weekend excursions possible and enjoyable.

So next time you're at a Crunch game and you see #63 (Shane) and #89 (Cory) on the ice at the same time, you can think back to your childhood playing sports with your sibling.

After that, you can have a better understanding of just how cool it is for the Conacher brothers to share the ice at the War Memorial.

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