For one night only: Syracuse Chiefs to become "Syracuse Devices" on May 31

A look at the jerseys the Syracuse "Devices" will sport on May 31 (Courtesy Syracuse Chiefs)

Ladies and Gentlemen, taking the field, your Syracuse Devices!

Yes, you read that right.

The Syracuse Chiefs will become the Syracuse Devices, for one day only, on May 31.

It's all part of a pre-planned tribute to the Brannock Device, you may know it better as the metal device in your favorite store where you place your foot to measure your shoe size.

That device was invented in Syracuse by Charles Brannock in 1926. If you'd like a history lesson, here's the Brannock Device website history. The company in fact, is still here in town.

The Chiefs now are going all-in on this, even changing the team name and showcasing new uniforms.

Even a mascot named "Chuck" will be on board as a nod to the inventor Charles Brannock.

General Manager Jason Smorol, known for bringing exciting if not unique promotions to NBT Bank Stadium says "“Becoming the ‘Devices’ for one night helps us introduce Central New York to the rest of the world. This is the kind of fun, unique, interactive promotion that only happens in Chiefsville!”

It's not the last name change for the season, from August 24-26 the Chiefs will celebrate Salt Potato Palooza with a return of the highly successful "Syracuse Salt Potatoes"

The Chiefs will undergo a permanent name change for the 2019 season when New York Mets players arrive. There's no confirmation on that name yet but it's widely expected to be the "Syracuse Mets".

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