Former Syracuse Crunch announcer in Las Vegas during horrific attack

Dan D'Uva was the voice of the Syracuse Crunch from 2012-2017, he's now the voice of the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights (Photo Courtesy: Syracuse Crunch)

The horrific event in Las Vegas is something the entire nation will grieve and never forget.

For two members of the Las Vegas Golden Knights expansion with Central New York ties it was surreal.

Baldwinsville native Alex Tuch is a rookie forward for the Golden Knights, he tells me on Monday that his teammates are okay but a little shaken up.

Indeed, Tuch was one of several Golden Knights that considered going to the outdoor "Route 91" music festival before thankfully opting to eat out instead.

Additionally, the first ever "voice" of the Knights is former Syracuse Crunch voice Dan D'Uva.

D'Uva was walking home from wrapping up his announcing duties from a preseason game when he heard the word "sniper".

He knew the news couldn't be good.

That's when the news alerts were rolling in and the police vehicles started flying down the Las Vegas streets.

D'Uva took refuge in his apartment, listening to police scanners. Reports of shooters at multiple casinos started to surface and weren't true.

Still, the chaos of all reminded D'Uva, who grew up in the shadow of New York City of another tragic day.

"What I felt with these reports of additional shooters, you were simply wondering "what's next?", you didn't know if this was something more broad than one shooter out of one window. It reminded me of how I felt on September 11" D'Uva said.

The Golden Knights are set to play in their franchise debut on the road Friday night, with the home opener coming next Tuesday October 10th.

D'Uva recalls the roles the New York Mets, Yankees and Jets played in the healing of New Yorkers after 9/11, and thinks it's possible the new hockey team could do similar good for Las Vegas.

"There is a process, I don't know the stages of it or how long it should take but there is a process to go through grieving and coming together to grieve together but at some point we come together and you celebrate with each other and and you turn it into a positive thing and that's what sports provides its a mechanism for bringing people together in a positive way and the first game here on October 10th, I hope will be a way for this community to heal together and to be uplifted by something in this community that is special that is going to make a lasting impact here of course it comes in with a shadow and people will remember that the beginning of the Golden Knights came at the same time as this horrific event but I hope they will also remember what the Golden Knights do in these coming days" D'Uva says.

The Golden Knights open the season on the road Friday, with their home opener next Tuesday.

Indeed, Central New York sports fans will have an eye on two of their own, helping a broken city heal.

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