It's a Girl: Syracuse Crunch star Kevin Lynch alongside wife Jessica reveal baby gender

Syracuse Crunch center Kevin Lynch makes contact with a pink-filled puck during a gender reveal Saturday night, declaring a daughter is on the way.

Following Saturday night's game between the Syracuse Crunch and Utica Comets, Crunch center Kevin Lynch still had a big night ahead.

Lynch, alongside his wife Jessica, are expecting their second baby to the family next year.

In addition to their daughter Ella, Lynch orchestrated a plan with team officials to reveal the baby's gender by slapping a puck with either pink or blue that would explode upon contact.

Lynch stepped to center ice to set up his shot as the fans cheered him on.

Upon contact, the puck exploded pink, signaling another girl is coming to the Lynch family.

"Not again," Lynch shared with a laugh when asked what his initial thoughts were once he realized another girl was on the way. "I'm kidding. We're excited for both. Obviously, I'm the only Lynch that can carry on our name, so my side of the family was hoping for a boy. But Jessica's family grew up with three girls and she kind of wanted a girl to play with her daughter Ella, so she's going to love it.

"She's going to be a great older sister," Lynch added.

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