Le Moyne Baseball coach on Josiah Gray's draft day: "I'm proud of you"

Le Moyne head baseball coach Scott Cassidy detailed his excitement for Dolphins pitcher Josiah Gray being drafted by the MLB's Cincinnati Reds.

Josiah Gray's enjoying life as the newest member of the professional ranks after being selected in the second round of Monday night's Major League Baseball draft.

His college coach, Scott Cassidy, is even happier for his hard-throwing pitcher.

Scott Cassidy made the call to his junior star after watching his name appear on his television screen late Monday night.

"He was excited," Le Moyne baseball coach Scott Cassidy said. "It was a lot of excitement. You could hear it in his voice how excited he was. It was overwhelming, I think, a little bit. The conversation was short. I wanted to let him celebrate with his family and friends who were at his house at the time. So, it was more of a congratulations, I'm proud of you, you earned it-type of conversation. Then we've been texting throughout the last couple days."

Gray was the 72nd overall pick of the Cincinnati Reds in the 2018 MLB Draft, marking the second-highest drafted Le Moyne pitcher in the program's 71-year history.

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