Shareholders approve sale of Syracuse Chiefs to the NY Mets

The Syracuse Chiefs

It's official - the New York Mets organization was given the green light by Syracuse Chiefs shareholders to buy the club.

The vote was held Friday at NBT Bank Stadium. The sale approval needed two-thirds of the shares.

An overwhelming 88 percent of shares voted in favor of the transaction. Of the 10,040 votes cast, 9,485 shares were for the transaction and 45 were against it. Ten shares abstained.

To clarify, each vote represents one share, not necessarily one person. One person could own multiple shares.

All major leagues including the International League and Major League Baseball signed off on the deal.

"This will enable Triple-A baseball to continue in Syracuse. It will benefit our shareholders, and, most importantly, our community," Bob Julian, chairman of the Community Baseball Club of Central New York Inc., said.

As of right now, the players in the Mets organization won't be in Syracuse until 2019.

Additionally, New York Mets officials say they will send several players to the Chiefs' Hot Stove Dinner in January.

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