What's the secret to the Syracuse Crunch win streak? It has nothing to do with the action

The Syracuse Crunch exploded for six goals in a win over Belleville Saturday night, extending their win streak to nine games.

The Syracuse Crunch boasts the reigning AHL Player of the Week in Anthony Cirelli, solid goaltending from Louis Domingue and veteran leadership from the likes of Cory Conacher.

But could the current 9-game win streak could have more to do with something else.

A song, in fact.

"Out of My Head" by The Dropkick Murphys.

Team Owner Howard Dolgon decided that should be the new "goal song" after a November 19 loss at Toronto that capped a three-game skid.

After much mystery and fanfare, the song made its debut during a November 22 win over Rochester.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Dolgon has a history of this, in fact it was the end of the 2008 season when Dolgon declared his team "needed a miracle" to make the playoffs.

That's when suddenly the famous Red Sea scene from "The Ten Commandments" movie with Charlton Heston started playing on the video board before the game and the Crunch won 15 straight games to punch its ticket to the playoffs.

So is this superstition or super intuition?

"It's no coincidence, it's exactly why we've gone on this" Team C.O.O. Jim Sarosy said tongue in cheek.

"All kidding aside, it's something that changed. Whether it took the focus off the struggles we were having earlier. Something that you can have fun with, conversations about....or control the message" Sarosy added.

Indeed, the Crunch has vaulted from last place to 3rd in its North Division of the Eastern Conference. All the while, beating Binghamton twice and Scranton-Wilkes Barre twice.

While the rational explanation is that a team with 7 rookies and two new coaches just needed time to gel before going on a big win streak.

It's more fun, and perhaps partially true that it all had to do with a turning point.

A new goal song started by the team owner.

"I think it's definitely part of the conversation now. During the streak it's been brought up after all of the wins. It's something you have fun with that brings the group together" Sarosy says.

The Crunch's next game is Friday night at the War Memorial against Providence.

"It's something we can all share, it's very public and it's worked. It's not a rallying cry so to speak, but it's another area where we can grow together and come together" Sarosy added.

Indeed, if the Crunch can keep rallying around it's new state of mind, we may see Syracuse with an 11-game win streak by the time Sunday rolls around.

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