Baldwinsville's Top Bee: Ben Dwyer sets academic standard for student-athletes everywhere

Baldwinsville senior Ben Dwyer is accompanied by his parents, Tim and Margaret, during Senior Night in May.

On a calm spring evening in Radisson, the Dwyer's share some quality family time.

It's almost become uncommon these days -- but it's that quality family time that has helped shape Ben Dwyer into the man he is today.

"My family -- they're always going to be in my corner," Ben Dwyer replied. "They've always been in my corner."

With that solid family structure, it's amazing what one can accomplish.

Ben Dwyer was named the Valedictorian of C.W. Baker High School's 2018 senior class during the fall.

"Unweighted? Maybe like a 99.7," he shared with a smile, when asked to reveal his GPA. "Weighted, I think it goes to a 103.7."

Which was the best GPA at C.W. Baker High.

"Even when he was first named the Valedictorian, I think we both said to each other, 'that's the game changer,'" Tim Dwyer, Ben's father, responded.

That's just the tip of the ice berg.

He's also a three-sport athlete at Baker High -- the starting quarterback of the football team -- a starting defenseman for the ice hockey squad -- and a starting defenseman in lacrosse.

"It's obvious to me that his time management -- he's been able to do a great job with it," Baldwinsville head football coach Carl Sanfilippo said. "So he knows there's a time to study, a time to practice, there's a time to lift, and there's time for the social aspect of your life."

Carl Sanfilippo has served as Baldwinsville's head football coach for 33 years, and even he has never seen anyone like Ben Dwyer.

"Well, he's our first Valedictorian," Sanfilippo said, referencing the first Valedictorian on the football team under his 33-yea reign. "He is the true definition of a scholar-athlete."

That's precisely why Ben Dwyer is headed to MIT.

"I got a call," Margaret Dwyer, Ben's mother, said, "and he goes, I got in. I think we just turned and looked at each other and said, 'no way.'"

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's admissions office, only 7.2 percent of applicants are granted admission. Not to mention, he will be playing both football and lacrosse for the Engineers.

"It's quite an accomplishment for any kid to get into MIT," C.W. Baker High math teacher, Karel James, articulated. "We talked about it. I was one of the teachers who wrote one of his letters of recommendation. So I'm not really surprised."

Most people know Ben Dwyer as an athlete -- for what he's accomplished right here on the field of play.

But it's incredible what you learn when you really get to know someone. Ben isn't even the first Valedictorian in his own family. His older sister Megan took home that honor just two years prior.

"To have two kids that were Valedictorian's -- so people always come up and ask, 'what's the secret?' I really don't know what the answer to that is," Tim Dwyer explained.

"Honestly, getting into MIT was pretty surreal," Ben Dwyer said with a smile. "I've been extremely grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me, and I'm lucky to be in this position."

Ben Dwyer will major in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on medicine. He further explained he would eventually like to get into sports medicine due to his background in athletics.

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