Toyota High School Athletes of the Week- Fowler Football makes playoffs

Oion Johnson runs for a touchdown against ESM

Fowler has done it.

The Falcons have punched their ticket to the Section III playoffs.

Fowler, for years, has been known for having low numbers on its team that would dwindle throughout the season as losses piled up.

Not this year.

The Falcons did enough to make the playoffs and will meet mighty Whitesboro on the road Friday night.

For a school in a neighborhood that's oft in the news for the wrong reasons, this serves as a victory to everyone.

"What now? What is everyone gonna say now?" says Raysan Evans, a senior for the Falcons

"We're here. We overcame our challenges. We did it!" Evans adds.

Head Coach John Natoli is excited by the week of practices his team has put in. Not many out there would give his chance against the Warriors, but then again, not many have given Fowler a chance in years.

They still made it happen in 2015.

"The kids are very excited about the opportunity to be in the playoffs. We had a great week of practice this week going up against a strong Whitesboro team, the kids are really excited about it. We can't wait to play" Natoli said.

Just last week, Fowler "hosted" Whitesboro at Henninger High School. Whitesboro won going away. It doesn't mean a thing Friday though, it's a whole new game in the playoffs.

"Right now, they're considering our record as 0-0. It's a brand-new start to the season. Anything can happen, so let's go out tomorrow night, let the chips fall where they may and if we get the win we move onto semi's" Natoli says.

"We're very excited. It's a change, we haven't been here in a while" Evans said. I just want us to make our mark, show everyone what we can do....leave it all out there" Evans adds.

Fowler is the 7-seed while Whitesboro is in the 2nd spot, the game is set for a 7:00 p.m. kickoff.

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