Corbin, Blewett and more lend a hand to "On My Team 16" to fight cancer

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Pat Corbin came home to Central New York and helped with On My Team 16's celebrity bartending night (Matt Landers)

Remember the charity- "On My Team 16"

It's soon to be one of the leading forces fighting pediatric cancer in our region.

On My Team 16 was founded by Jordan Sheridan, she was compelled to fight back after her brother Jack was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Jack won his battle.

Now, it was time to help others win their fights.

Enter On My Team 16.

So with the support of Patrick Corbin, the C-NS grad who is an all-star for the Arizona Diamondbacks (and also helped Jack fight by having him as a guest in Arizona) along with Scott Blewett, Lawrence Moten and Ric Beardsley a special event unfolded.

Charity Celebrity Bartending was held at The Orange Crate on Crouse Ave. in Syracuse with the rare chance to see pro athletes behind the bar. All to raise money to fight pediatric cancer.

It's just the beginning of battling back to be sure.

But it's a heck of a start.

Consider for a moment, even before Jack's plight that the Sheridan family's charitable spirit shone brightly.

Jordan, throughout her high school softball career, took pledges for every strikeout she recorded to help the local Samaritan Center.

That philanthropic nature runs deep and stronger than ever as we enter 2018.

So for fans who dropped by The Orange Crate, what a special night-- to help an amazing cause and see true Central New York stars.

For the entire Sheridan family, call it life come full circle. Helping others in need. Paying it forward.

Just call it being the Sheridan family.

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