Like Father Like Son- Zak Conley is Division-I bound

Zak Conley, a junior at Fayetteville-Manlius, commits to play for Binghamton Lacrosse

With one phone call, the life of Fayetteville-Manlius Junior Zak Conley changed forever.

Zak received a call from the staff at Binghamton Lacrosse with a scholarship offer and immediately committed.

"It was kind of like a dream come true" Conley says.

If the last name sounds familiar, it probably should, Zak is the son of legendary Syracuse Orange linebacker Dan Conley.

When you look at Zak, the resemblance is immediate, not only is the 16-year old already 6'4" 210 pounds but he closely resembles his father as well.

"It was an awesome moment for me to talk to him as soon as I had that big moment" Conley says of being with his dad when the call came in.

"I know he was really successful and I'm kind of going my own way with it, where he was with football and now I'm doing lacrosse so I think it was really cool for all of us just to be there together" Zak adds.

It's also immediately clear why the Bearcats and other power programs are interested in Conley, he already shows a strong understanding of the game with plenty of room to grow as he gets older. As a junior, Conley has two more seasons with the F-M Hornets before he graduates and heads to college.

"It's something you always kind of wish for in life"

Indeed, the genes are one thing, but the hard work and determination from Zak is what made this "moment" possible.

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