Rising Northstar: 13-year-old Bryce Zicaro catching attention of national baseball scouts

Cicero-North Syracuse eighth grade standout Bryce Zicaro recently attended a national baseball showcase where he impressed nationwide scouts.

"Baseball means to me -- it's just playing with my friends and being able to have fun without playing video games or going to parties," C-NS eighth grader Bryce Zicaro explained. "Things like that."

Baseball means so much to Bryce Zicaro, in fact, he spends nearly all of his time getting better.

"I work out Monday, Wednesday and Saturday," he said. "I do an advanced pitching class on Thursdays, and I have Sunday practices here. Tuesday is kind of like my choice, I get to pick if I want to go hit or throw a little bit on the field."

It's not your typical workout regimen for a 13-year-old.

Dickie Woodridge runs Sports Center 481 and said Bryce is, simply put, not your typical eighth grader.

"Bryce Zicaro is a tremendously good player. He's one of the up-and-coming players that we have. He's an eighth grader, but really playing for us at the 10th and 11th grade level. He has one of the better arms, not only in our area, but also in the northeast. He throws 80-plus miles per hour."

That fastball was on full display recently when Zicaro was invited to Florida for the Perfect Game main event showcase, where he graded out as one of the top players in his age group, nationally.

"It was awesome, getting to meet new players from all over the country," Zicaro continued, "and being able to compete in that kind of showcase."

Bryce Zicaro is no different from every other middle school baseball player. Both they, and he, hope to take the field, and the mound, at the varsity level.

It just so happens that the C-NS varsity baseball mound was also the same place a current Major Leaguer once got his start.

Yes, another C-NS Northstar hoping to become baseball's next star.

"Pat Corbin's success is a really big motivation for me," Zicaro added. "Just knowing that there's somebody from the C-NS district being able to go and play pro ball and making however much money he is, and still loving what he's doing."

Pat Corbin's success serving as motivation, not only for Bryce Zicaro, but also young baseball players across Central New York.

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