Skaneateles' Kyla Sears is National Player of the Year

Kyla Sears from Skaneateles is the National High School Lacrosse Player of the Year according to US Lacrosse

Skaneateles’ own Kyla Sears has earned the high school player of the year from the US Lacrosse Magazine.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Sears went from multiple knee injuries to winning a Class D state championship last month and being awarded the National Player of the year with a whopping 61 goals earned with 37 assists.

That's 98 total points.

The award comes from the US Lacrosse Magazine.

We know Central New York is one of the true "hotbeds" of the game in the nation, but now Sears has has shown Central New Yorkers that it still is the gold standard of lacrosse.

But Sears is just getting started.

In the fall, she’s also going to be attending the University of Princeton, with an Ivy League future and plenty of game in lacrosse it's an exciting time for Sears and fans in Skaneateles.

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