Team and Family- West Genesee Hockey rushes to the rescue for teammate's dog

West Genesee players (from left to right) Patrick McDonald, Andrew Schneid and Timmy Winn pose with "Rex" the Schneid family dog that the team helped locate after he was briefly running loose (Niko Tamurian)

Thursday night was a pretty standard night for the West Genesee hockey team.

The Wildcats are a perfect 17-0, enjoying a bit of a lull in the action without a game for another 6 days.

In the middle of a "Team Tully's", or in other words, a team dinner at Tully's restaurant, sophomore Andrew Schneid suddenly got up and left.

It turns out, the Schnied family pet, a 5-year old dog named Rex had gotten loose because of a freak malfunction with an electric fence and the family wasn't sure where he was.

Team and Family- the Wildcats abruptly got up too, springing into action.

"Andrew leaves, and we all find out he left because Rex was missing. So immediately everyone on the team was like hey we gotta go find Rex" says senior Patrick McDonald.

More impressive than any of McDonald's 47 points this season was the next decision made by the team "We all split up into a group, like a team would do. There was a part for like 10 minutes where we were all searching in the woods, we're talking, all yelling out "have you heard any barking?" "Seen any clues" McDonald adds.

There's a certain level of chemistry that comes with a team that won Section III last year and is undefeated this year. About 25 players spanned the Schneid's neighborhood.

With that level of commitment from a championship team the goal was bound to be accomplished.

"One group went one way. I felt like we should go another way" says senior forward Timmy Winn.

"So I turned a corner, looked down the street and saw a dog and was like, that's Rex over there. So I ran towards it and it happened to be" Winn recounts.

Indeed, Rex, the handsome Labrador mix was found and safe.

A moment of joy for a family that was so incredibly nervous.

"I was just so happy I didn't know what to do everyone was following me, and then there was about 30 people all in this room petting him it was amazing" says Andrew Schneid, the proud owner of Rex and a sophomore on the Wildcats hockey team.

You can see that scene, as tweeted out here:

Rex was home.

Andrew's father Dave Schneid recalls the moment he got home from his route on the search for Rex.

"I came in, 25 guys, Rex with them. Just a good testament to the team."

The West Genesee hockey team proved that for them, team and family are one in the same. McDonald joked that Rex was already part of the team for his reputation of being an active pup.

Indeed, Rex's rescue is one of the high points in a season that's absolutely full of them.

Perhaps, the success in finding the lost pooch is a precursor of future successes

"Last night was a win (finding Rex) so, I think we can win a State Championship, that will be two" Andrew Schneid says.

One thing is certain, this team will have each other's back today, tomorrow.


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