Trailblazers- How 10 & 11 year old hockey stars from CNY are making international history

Several Central New York kids are members of the Albany Capitals Youth Hockey team set to play in the EuroChem Cup in Russia later this month (Matt Hauswirth)

For the first time ever a team from the United States will compete in the EuroChem Cup, perhaps the top youth hockey tournament.

It's being played in Russia.

That means 10 and 11 year olds from the "Albany Capitals" will make the trip to Russia to compete in that tournament. The Capitals, mind you include several players from Central New York.

What an honor. The first American team to compete in this event is from right here in Upstate New York.

When most adults think of Russia they think about the constant mention of that nation in our news cycles, the investigation into potential election meddling and more.

For these trailblazing hockey players, their minds couldn't be further from that.

They want to have fun and play the game they love.

Or, as 11-year old goalie Michael Bradley says with a smile on his face "We want to beat them".

While the intricacies of the politics between the U.S. and Russia may escape these youngsters, pride in their nation certainly has not. To a player, each one can't wait to represent their country against some of the hockey powers of Europe.

Of course, it's a costly venture to go halfway around the world, and the team set up a Go Fund Me page

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