Toyota Game of the Week: C.N.S. holds off B'ville


It was senior night for the Bee's and a packed house at Pelcher Arcaro stadium.

In the first quarter, and the second play of the game, B'ville Quarterback Ben Dwyer fired downfield and the ball was tipped and picked off by Peyton Watts.

The Bees would get the ball back and Dwyer - on the keeper made people miss and ran it inside the 10 before finally being brought down.

Senior Jack Buis finished the job, diving into the end zone...7-0 B'ville.

CNS would answer - Conner Hayes handed it off to Erik Pride who had a big night, he barreled in to tie the score at seven.

Later in the half, Pride again broke a tackle and streaked down the far sideline for the TD.

The Northstars would punch one more in to make it 20-7 and that would be all the defense needed.

CNS hung on to stay undefeated.

Coach Kline did you think you'd be perfect in Week Six?

"I don't know. I don't know, honestly I thought this team continued to grow and continued to get better each and every week. We're maturing and growing up and really starting to play as a team," Kline said.

With one game remaining in the regular season the Northstars are looking ahead to Utica Proctor and B'ville will visit Nottingham.

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