YMCA I Challenge Niko: Fly Fishing on the Salmon River

YMCA I Challenge Niko: Fly Fishing

It's a YMCA I Challenge Niko First:

Fly Fishing.

No question, the Salmon River running through Pulaski features some of the best Salmon runs in the country.

This time of year especially, the salmon are running through Upstate New York making our neck of the woods a hot spot for the sport.

With that in mind, I stopped by Salmon Acres Fly Fishing on Route 13 in Pulaski. This Turning Stone amenity actually includes the only waterfall on the river, it's those kind of rapids that bring most of the salmon together.

You can keep the fish or let them go, but there's no denying it only takes minutes to see someone lure a fish. It truly bucks the trend some have in mind of fishing being an hours-long ordeal with the risk of not even a nibble.

If you're not a seasoned fishing veteran, Salmon Acres day passes start at $40. You can work your way up to seasonal passes and even rent out lodging to make a vacation out of it.

More information on that, can be found here.

In the meantime, enjoy this week's I Challenge Niko, my first attempt ever at fly fishing. I did catch something, but it wasn't a fish.

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