YMCA I Challenge Niko: Team CNY Central vs. Challenger Parents in softball

Niko Tamurian leaps for a catch in a charity softball game to raise awareness for Challenger Baseball (Photo Courtesy: Cee Cee Andrew)

It's another edition of the YMCA I Challenge Niko and one we're perhaps the most proud of.

The parents of Challenger Baseball, the largest division of the sport for special needs players in the nation, challenged Niko and the all-stars from our station.

In all, it was a great way to raise awareness for this group. Consider for a moment that if it weren't for Challenger Baseball, so many children and even adults would never have the chance to play the sport they love.

With that in mind, we were happy to accept the challenge and play until the final batter in a 16-15 win for the Challenger parents.

Click the video player to watch the highlights!

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