YMCA I Challenge Niko- Wiffleball at Luke Parker's Fenway Field of Dreams

Luke Parker and friends issue a wiffleball challenge to Niko Tamurian

Luke Parker has a pretty awesome replica of Fenway Park in his backyard.

A fantastic luxury, but make no mistake, Luke is paying it forward.

Coming up on Labor Day Weekend (September 1) Luke is hosting friends and fans all over for a homerun derby and tournament with all the proceeds going to Finger Lakes Hospice.

Not bad for a young man in grade school.

Given Luke's philanthropic spirit, we were thrilled to once again visit the field as we often have since first meeting Luke in 2014.

Luke invited some of his friends, I brought some of mine from the station and we enjoyed a good ol' fashioned wiffleball game.

Click the video player to find out who wins this week's YMCA I Challenge Niko!

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