Pete Rose in Syracuse for Chiefs' Hot Stove Dinner

Pete Rose greets Sports Director Niko Tamurian

Pete Rose, Hall of Fame or not, has achieved baseball immortality.

Rose has the most hits and games played in Major League Baseball history (among many other records)

Of course, after gambling in the 1980's while serving as manager of the Cincinnati Reds, Rose was banned from the game and the Hall of Fame forever.

Rose has eased his way back into baseball, he'll be inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and is even appearing at events, all at the discretion of the Major League Baseball Commissioner.

The latest appearance was here in Syracuse, Rose was at the OnCenter on State Street for the Syracuse Chiefs Hot Stove Dinner.

"I'm here to get the Chiefs started right" Rose told me at a brief press gathering.

A gathering that was mostly upbeat, but did include Rose being asked if he bet against his own team.

To which, Rose replied "I don't want to talk about the betting (expletive)"

Adding, "I've paid for my mistakes"

Rose was proud to sign autographs for more than 950 fans in attendance, 200 more than Chiefs' fans were hoping/expecting.

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