Meet the athletes: Luger Chris Mazdzer from Saranac Lake, NY

When he isn't luging, Chris Mazdzer enjoys hiking and cliff jumping.

Born June 26, 1988 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Mazdzer grew up just miles from the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid and often attended events there. He now calls Saranac Lake his home.

Mazdzer initially chose luge over bobsledding because the line for luge was much shorter. Since then Mazdzer has become a formidable luger; after narrowly missing the 2006 Olympics at just 17, he went on to be the top U.S. men’s luger at the 2014 Olympics, finishing 13th. He also finished 13th at the 2010 Games.

"What's nice with luge is that we're not directly racing each other, like BMX,” Mazdzer said. “Because of that, I have this really amazing friendship with all my competitors.”

When he isn't luging, Mazdzer enjoys hiking and cliff jumping. He also played lacrosse and soccer in high school.

Mazdzer also boasts a collection of nearly 200 room keys from hotels he's visited over the years.

Part of the reason why Mazdzer has been able to collect so many keys is he enjoys traveling. His favorite place to travel to outside the U.S. is Vietnam; back home, his favorite place to visit is Utah.

Follow Chris on social media:

Facebook: ChrisMazdzer

Twitter: @mazdzer

Instagram: mazdzer

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