Boeheim vs. Boeheim: Jimmy preparing for round two, this time with brother Buddy

Cornell sophomore forward Jimmy Boeheim will take on his father, Jim, and brother, Buddy, when the Big Red visit Syracuse on Saturday night.

It's another Wednesday night practice on the campus of Cornell University -- and Jimmy Boeheim continues to show off his improved game.

"I think this year I'm just trying to find my groove," Boeheim admitted. "I feel a lot more comfortable this year and confident in my game."

After all, confidence is key.

Additionally, when you attend an Ivy League school, you had better not forget about academics.

"Being a student-athlete at an Ivy League institution is definitely no joke," he added, "it's pretty tough."

But when you're a Boeheim, you rely on family to get you through anything, including a pair of siblings that share the exact same passion: Basketball.

"Yeah, I mean, we talk a lot," he said. "I encourage them once in a while. I've texted Buddy just trying to keep him encouraged through these first couple games. I try not to put too much pressure on him. But yeah, it's just cool that we all share the same experiences and we all really relate to each other."

Because of that special family bond, this week's showdown between Cornell and Syracuse is must-see TV.

The Carrier Dome is a place Jimmy Boeheim once called his second home. Between growing up here, watching his Dad win so many games -- to now -- playing against his Dad.

The dynamic has certainly changed.

Come the 1st of December, things will get interesting, taking on his younger brother Buddy in a game that's garnering national attention.

But Jimmy refuses to label this game as anything more than just another game. It's all of us who see it as so much more.

"Yeah, it's definitely really cool, just that we both made it to this level," he explained, referring to his brother Buddy. "We're kind of just living out our dreams. That will be a really special moment. I think I kind of got the nerves out last year, so this year I'm just going to try to enjoy it more, I guess. I think it will be a really fun experience."

What he's referring to is last year's shot heard around the country, when Jimmy drilled a three-pointer right in front of his Dad.

"Yeah, that shot was pretty crazy," he continued. "It didn't really hit me until the first media timeout. I was just kind of in the game -- I was trying to block out everything else and just play basketball -- and then the first media timeout came and I looked up at the scoreboard and it had five points next to my name, and I was like, 'wow, that happened?' So I just tried to calm myself down and keep playing, I guess."

This time around, though, he's shouldering more responsibility and taking on a much bigger role for the Big Red.

"I just expect to go down there and play my game," Boeheim articulated. "Try to be as calm as I can, just block the other stuff out. It'll definitely be hard -- I say that -- but it's going to be hard, of course. Going home is always cool, but now I'm playing against two of my family members. So it's going to be really exciting and I'm just going to try to go out there and play my game, and just try to stay as relaxed as possible."

It's Boeheim versus Boeheim -- part two -- plus Buddy -- from the Carrier Dome Saturday night.

Game time is set for 8 p.m. on ESPNU.

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