Former SU Basketball stars raise money in inaugural CBT Celebrity Classic

A group of former SU basketball players pose for a photo during Thursday night's CBT Celebrity Classic from Henninger high school.

Syracuse University had reason to be proud Thursday night.

A group of former Orange Basketball players gathered at Henninger high school, helping to raise money for a good cause.

It's called the CBT (Coming Back Together) Celebrity Classic, where money raised went towards a scholarship fund for African American and Latino students at Syracuse University.

Derrick Coleman and Billy Owens, a pair of former Orange greats, served as coaches of each respective teams.

Former stars such as John Wallace, Lawrence Moten, Lazarus Sims, Gene Waldron, Ryan Blackwell, James Southerland, Eric Devendorf and Brittney Sykes -- among many others -- headlined the group of players to take part in the action.

It was the first time the former players gathered for an actual game, and plan to do another one in the near future.

"It's always exciting to be around my teammates, all the alumni -- basketball, football, track and field -- for us, it's just one big party," Coleman said. "Every time that we get together, we just enjoy each other. So to be able to put an event on like today, and to go out and raise money for other kids, it's just the icing on the cake."

"It means a lot because I've got a daughter that comes up here and I know how much it costs to go to Syracuse," Owens explained. "So the money is going towards something that is great. It's going to continue to be great."

"It's a very good cause for Latino and African American students who might not have the funds," Moten stated. "Any way we can support them. If they want to fulfill their dream and attend a great school like Syracuse, any way we can help out, we're going to do it."

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