Survive and Advance: Boeheim's Army holds off Gaelnation to advance in TBT

Boeheim's Army defeated Gaelnation on Sunday afternoon, advancing to the round of 16 in two weeks.

After leading by 20 points with 11 minutes to play, Boeheim's Army thought the game was in the bag.

However, with $2 million dollars on the line, no team is laying down lightly.

Gaelnation, a squad made up of mostly former Iona College men's basketball players, mounted a major comeback on the heels of Steven Burtt's 34 points.

The game went to overtime, and Gaelnation took the early lead.

But that's when John Gillon went to work, driving to the paint, converting at the rim and adding the foul as well. The three-point play tied it up at 82-82.

Donte Greene tallied a team-high 32 points on the day, draining a three-pointer late in the first overtime to tie it again at 87-87.

That's when the second overtime began, which is also when Boeheim's Army started to pull away.

A Rick Jackson putback off an Eric Devendorf miss ultimately gave them the lead for good.

Boeheim's Army advanced to the round of 16 with the 106-100 win.

Eric Devendorf finished with 23 points, while Brandon Triche (13) and Rick Jackson (11) each recorded double-figures in the scoring department.

On the other end of the Northeast region, Team Fancy took down SuperNova to advance, which means Boeheim's Army will meet Team Fancy in the regional final on Thursday, July 20 at 8 p.m. (ESPNU).

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