Syracuse Football completes first week of Preseason Camp, Babers impressed

Syracuse wide receiver Ervin Philips (3) looks on during Sunday morning's practice.

One week down -- 15 more practices to go.

The Syracuse University football program completed its seventh practice during Preseason Camp on Sunday morning, wearing full pads throughout.

Orange head coach Dino Babers spoke with the media one week ago on Sunday, and returned in front of the cameras once again a week later.

Sunday's practice was full-speed and spirited, something that has caught Babers' attention.

Additionally, according to Babers, the heavy hitting has exceeded his own expectations, admitting that it's a task in itself to escape preseason camp without a single injury.

Of course, the Orange will attempt to do just that, but the passion among the players is incredibly visible.

With under four weeks to go until the season opener against Central Connecticut State on Friday, September 1, Babers likes what he sees so far.

"My impression was that they're working extremely well today," he said. "I think they had great effort. There's some hitting going on out there. We've got to tone some of that stuff down because we've got a long way to go. We've got at least three more weeks into camp and I want to make sure we get to the first game healthy, and that's hard to do, but we're going to try really, really hard to get that done.

"Zaire [Franklin] and the linebackers are getting after it really well," he continued. "I defensive line has been doing a good job. The safeties and the corners have been coming up -- it's been physical so far. We've got the reigns on them still, so they're doing a nice job out there.

Babers was also asked how much progress he expected to see through the first week of camp, and when he expects to see everything he needs to see out of his group.

"We see a lot of the techniques and fundamentals," he explained. "We still have to wait until the first scrimmage. We have to see how the freshmen and young guys are going to be -- when the game is real, you know what I mean? You've got coaches behind you, helping you and telling you what to do. The tempo is not truly game tempo. We have to see what the young people are going to do when nobody is out there standing behind them telling them what to do before the snap."

The Orange will be made available next on Tuesday, August 8, when select offensive players will meet with the media following practice.

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