CNY prepares for first substantial snow of the season

CNY prepares for winter weather

The holiday spirit here in Syracuse is in full swing with the first snow storm, but a main concern for many will be their Monday morning commute.

"It won't be so bad, but if worse comes to worst I'll make some poor Uber or Lyft driver take me to work," said Michael John Hagerty, the owner of a shop in Armory Square.

Snow in central New York was scheduled to be heavy at times early Monday morning and parts of Monday afternoon.

"I'm going to be checking my rear view a lot and definitely keep high senses on what's going on around me. It's the time to have your cautions up, you know, you want to be very careful this time of year," Tyson Rogers said.

Nick Corbishley, from American Medical Response, said it's times like these where his team gets the most calls.

"Certainly with heavy snowfall days, and the first snowfall of the season, we anticipate seeing more falls and a lot more car accidents," he said.

As if helping people wasn't hard enough, with the changing weather, AMR's job gets a little trickier. Roads are becoming more dangerous, but the team keeps working hard to respond to every call.

"We always plan for the worst and hope for the best, so we're stocking all of our vehicles with collapsible snow shovels, and rock salt, and extra blankets," he said.

Corbishley added that taking those extra steps, like driving slowly and keeping snow shovels at the ready is a must during snow falls like this one.

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