$750k in state funds will be used to restore NYS Fair's Indian Village

2016 NYS Fair

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- It's Six Nations Day at the NYS Fair today and an advancement of $750,000 is going to restore the Fair's Indian Village.

Governor Cuomo, along with the Six Nations Agriculture Society, announced today the state of New York will be giving to the money to improve the Fair's Indian Village.

The improvements will focus on a complete renovation of Turtle Mound, the site of the Village's cultural performances, along with repairs to the roof and siding of the Village's Soup House restaurant. These improvements will start immediately at the close of the 2016 Fair at the end of Labor Day weekend.

The Turtle Mound will be the primary focus of the renovations due to special events held at its location year round. In addition, the Turtle Mound represents the shape of a turtle and in its rebuilding will more closely resemble a turtle than before hand. Lastly, the Soap House, which brings in the most revenue will receive brand new commercial stoves and a walk-in cooler.

The finished work to all sections of the Fair's Indian Village are expected to be completed before the start of the 2017 State Fair.

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