Blue Ribbon Day 9: What's where at the Fair?

Blue Ribbon Day 9: What's where at the Fair?

NYS FAIRGROUNDS -- With all the changes at the Fair this year, many fairgoers are having a hard time finding their favorites.

Fair Guest Relations is the place to get help, and they're having a busy year answering all the questions.

Rachel Boyce oversees three booths: just to the right of the Main Gate, at Gate 4, and a new location this year at the head of the 'road' between the adult and kids' midways.

Most common questions are about the new locations of vendors. There are also questions about where popular attractions, like the Lottery and World of Horses have moved to.

Villa Pizze Fritte, a longtime place where people would meet, is once again a landmark in its new location, just a few hundred feet from the old. It's once again at a major intersection. Owner Grazi Zazzara says that when the new locations were added, no one knew what the walking patterns would be, and this is a learning year.

Much of the expansion is in a line...from Pizze Fritte down two avenues to the Dairy Birthing Center. Along the way we saw two sports memorabilia shops...Shirt World, and University Sports Shop, where Mike Theiss tells us it's been a challenge, but that customers are now finding them. Tonight's SU game is also making for more interest in SU logo'd shirts.

Boyce says the fair has started putting up signs, directing people to new locations for vendors they've gotten lots of questions about.

She also recommends having a fairgrounds map. You can download it in advance, or picking up a map at entry gates, or from one of the Guest Relations booths.

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