State Fair vendors from Texas say Hurricane Harvey devastation is constantly on their mind

Wandering Cowboys has been a New York State Fair vendor for more than  five years. 

GEDDES, N.Y. -- Straight from the Lone-Star state, Wandering Cowboys brings Texas flare wherever they go, and right now its difficult being on the road.

"You know luckily you've got phones and FaceTime and those types of things so you're able to stay in touch. But you still worry a little bit and wonder what's going on," explained James Smith.

Making it even harder now, is knowing that so many are underwater in Texas.

Smith is from San Antonio, and has friends in Houston.

"Been checking on them and naturally just wondering what's going on and you're up here you can only help so much, and hope a phone call works to make somebody feel better," said Smith.

While he says his family is safe, Steve Barhan says his sister lives in the heart of Houston.

"Been in contact with her a little bit via text. And she says that they are dry and safe, but a lot of their friends are, are not," explained Barhan, "she said like this level of devastation is just off the charts, uh, it's been pretty bad."

Customers have been stopping in to let them know Texas is in their thoughts.

"People tell us here like oh, we're gonna be donating you know to the organizations down there so it's great to hear that," said Smith.

While it's tough to be away, they say the people of Texas are built to be tough and strong.

"They're Texans so they'll pull together and we'll get through it," said Barhan.

"In the end we're all Texans so we do kind of keep our thoughts on them, in the middle of what's going on and hope it works out," agreed Smith.

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