Carolina QuixanoReporter

Connect With Carolina Quixano

School: California State University, Fullerton

Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Carolina Quixano is a multimedia journalist for NBC3 and CBS5.

She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she was raised fully bilingual. Carolina also speaks French and attributes her appreciation for different languages and cultures to her upbringing in the island.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in cinema and television arts from California State University Fullerton. She says she always knew she wanted to go into this field to give a voice to those who feel voiceless. Carolina hopes to make a positive impact in the community – and hopefully the world.

Outside of the newsroom, Carolina loves exploring – whether it is a local art museum or a whole other country! She enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and binge-watching way too many shows to mention here. She is obsessed with anything pop-culture related… and dogs! You can expect to see her singing/dancing at all times, even though she is well aware she is absolutely terrible at both. Can’t have it all, right?

If you see Carolina out and about, don’t hesitate to say hi! Feel free to reach out at with any comments or story ideas!