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Connect With Jeremy Miller

School: Onondaga Community College

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Jeremy Miller co-anchors Today in Central New York. Jeremy rejoined CNY Central in 2014 after a nearly 3 year hiatus, during which he produced and anchored afternoon and evening news for Family Life Network in Bath, New York.

Jeremy was born in Saudi Arabia and has traveled through the Middle East, Europe and Asia. That's why he's interested in how international stories impact us in Central New York.

Jeremy is also a history buff and majored in humanities before focusing on journalism. In his spare time, Jeremy likes to spend time with his family, enjoys books and TV shows about history, watching college sports and traveling.

Memorable Story: I was alone in the newsroom when details about the tragedy at Newtown started to pour in. It had a tremendous impact on me personally because my own son is very young and I spent 6 years of my childhood in a very similar town not far from Newtown in Madison, Connecticut. That was the most emotionally exhausting day since I've been a broadcaster. I'll never forget it.

Memorable Interview: I've been very blessed to speak with our nation's leaders, legendary coaches and players, authors, actors and performers. The interviews that have stuck with me are those with people who have overcome their own personal tragedy to become a symbol of strength for their families and/or communities.

Dream Job: Hosting a show on History, Discovery or Travel Channels.

Role Model: My parents. They are hard-working, self-sacrificing, authentic people.

Why I'm a Journalist: I love connecting and engaging with people. Being trusted by the community is an awesome responsibility and I enjoy it.

Favorite Sports Team: Syracuse AND Florida.

Favorite Musician or Group: Tough one! I have to go with Led Zeppelin!

Favorite Book: Luke

Favorite Movie: Like picking a favorite kid! Impossible!

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite Food: Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, Southern style breakfast, medium rare steak.

Favorite Local Destination: Green Lakes