Butter sculpture unveiled at State Fairgrounds

"Cow Power"

The Great New York State Fair kicks off tomorrow, and today was the annual unveiling of the butter sculpture which will reside in the dairy building throughout the duration of the Fair.

This year TMs butter sculpture theme is Cow Power, and it features dairy cows dressed as milkmen standing on a traditional milk truck. The sculpture is intended to promote green power across the state TMs farms and ranches.

While cows are not currently fueling our gas tanks, a small number of farms throughout New York State are using a process that converts manure into green energy to power their farms, said Rick Naczi, the CEO of the American Dairy Association and the Dairy Council in a statement to the media.

According to the Dairy Association, New York State has been selected for a pilot project to implement these green power initiatives on a wider scale. Local farmers, such as Connie Patterson of Auburn, have been selected to attend a summit in October to discuss green farm energy. |we can put some of the state TMs 600,000 dairy cows on double duty " not only creating nutritious products, but generating green energy said Patterson.

Cow Power was carved from more than 800 pounds of butter by Jim Victor, a Pennsylvania artist with 30+ years of experience as an art teacher and sculptor. Jim and his wife Marie, who is also a scupltor, spent ten eight-hour days working in temperatures ranging from 60 degrees to the mid-30s to fashion their sculpture in time for Wednesday morning TMs unveiling.

The State Fair runs from Thursday, August 27 through Monday, September 7 at the State Fairgrounds in Geddes.

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