Flowers that deer won't eat in your garden

They may be cute, but if deer are eating your garden, seeing them up close is not on your top ten list.

Our Saturday morning garden expert Carol Watson has suggestions for flowers that deer will not find attractive, but you will.

They're all fragrant, and that is not attractive for deer, she says.

On the list: snapdragons and marigolds, as well as cleome, coreopsis, lavendar, and hellebore. Morning glories also get passed up, as do dianthus (sweet william) and lantana.

Carol also recommends 'Deer Scram' a bone meal-based repellant that can be put on gardens to ward off both deer and rabbits (she says it smells like dead deer to them, but not to people).

Carol answers your gardening questions (like this) if you email us at . Please put 'plant question' in the subject line. Her segments air Saturday mornings in the 6am edition of Weekend Today in Central New York.

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