Record heat sizzles Syracuse but will it hit 100°?

Have you been hearing about central New York hitting 100°? There has been a lot of "chatter" about Syracuse possibly hitting the elusive century mark today. While it is certainly still possible Syracuse will flirt with it, I believe most of the rest of the immediate central New York area will more likely fall just short. The immediate Lake Ontario shoreline and far North Country will be not as hot as the rest of the area. The city of Syracuse, though, has been running hotter than everyone else. So, a high temperature close to100° is in play and looking more likely now.

It is very rare for Syracuse to hit 100°. We have only hit 100° 9 times in 110 years of record keeping! Click the graphics above. The last time it occurred was almost a year ago to date! It was July 21st 2011 when Syracuse hit 101°. You may wonder why this occurs so infrequently. Central New York usually needs perfect weather conditions to reach 100°. While there is plenty of mid-level hot air to allow us to get there, Syracuse also needs the skies to remain mostly sunny for a majority of the day. Plus, a southeasterly, southerly or southwesterly wind is usually a plus. While we have that wind direction this morning, it will likely become westerly. A westerly wind is not as conducive for 100°. I was worried that some extra clouds could prevent full daytime heating. However, sunshine has developed faster this morning and this seems to be allowing enough heating to flirt with triple digits. Therefore, we have upgraded our forecast high for Syracuse itself to reach 100°.

I will keep you posted on exact temperatures hour-by-hour. Follow me on Twitter here @PeteWeatherBeat with updates. The record high today of 94° set back in 1999 has already been broken. In addition, today will be the hottest day of 2012. Syracuse has reached 95° three times previously this year. Today is our 15th day of 90° or higher so far this year.

There is an "Air Quality Advisory" in effect today. People, especially young children, those who exercise outdoors, those involved in vigorous outdoor work and those who have respiratory disease (such as asthma) should consider limiting strenuous outdoor physical activity when ozone levels are the highest (generally afternoon to early evening). When outdoor levels of ozone are elevated, going indoors will usually reduce your exposure. Individuals experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain or coughing should consider consulting their doctor. Click on the graphics for more information on the high heat index levels of 100-105° we will see today. People should exercise â??Extreme Cautionâ?? today. Read more on the graphics for this.

In addition to all of this, we are monitoring upstate NY for the threat for severe thunderstorms late today into this evening. Our area has a "slight risk" for severe storms with damaging winds.

How will you stay cool today? Let us know with posts and pictures on CNYcentralâ??s Facebook page!

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