Syracuse Grows promotes urban community gardening

Getting ready for community gardening in Syracuse

Syracuse Grows, the umbrella organization that supports urban community gardens in Syracuse, is gearing up for its fifth season, with expectations of more gardens and more people being involved.

April 20th is the groups Resource Day, with garden cleanups at several locations, 10am - 3pm, and a resource drive, collecting gardening equipment and more, at the Southwest Urban Farm, 100 block of Bellevue Avenue, 10am - 3pm. Early dropoffs can also be arranged at 565-4299.

Urban gardens in Syracuse reflect their neighborhood cultures, and Syracuse Grows Board Member Evan Weissman says that some, in predominantly immigrant communities, include vegetables commonly used in the 'homeland', giving each garden a unique look and flavor.

Syracuse Grows collaborates with the city of Syracuse on land use, and brings in landscaping or other services to help the community groups. Expertise may also be provided, and over the winter there's a seed exchange.

Volunteers are always welcome, to work specific gardens or to help in the management.

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