Meet the pilots for SkyEye One, CNYCentral's drone

Sky Eye One is fully operational: meet the photojournalist pilots who keep CNYCentral's drone flying and bringing you a new way to look at news

CNYCentral's SkyEye One is now a certified member of our news team, but it could not fly, or bring you images, without a team of photojournalists who had to be trained, and who had to pass exams to allow them to fly the zone.

Quindell Williams and Matt Landers are both now qualified as UAS Drone Pilots (UAS is Federal Aviation Administration shorthand for Unmanned Aircraft Systems). You've seen their photojournalist credits on our web and social media stories, as they've covered news on weekend mornings. This morning Quindell (Q) was working the am shift, so we asked him to come on air to explain the technicalities of drone operation. Click the link for the interview.

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